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Business Benefits through Site Supervisory Training

Business Improvements with SSSTS London Training

In just 2 days worth of SSSTS London training with RISK, your site supervisory staff can be equipped with essential health and safety skills and knowledge that will enable them to identify hazards and take the needed measures to minimise risk for overall safety at your construction sites.

The Benefits of Sending Staff to SSSTS London Courses

RISK Training’s SSSTS London Courses are an ideal option, not just for smaller budgets but for all organisations due to value for money and a comprehensive, supportive learning package.

The training provided at London St. Pancras and many other venues across the UK have already helped businesses due to:

  • Quick training within 2 days rather than weeks of training away from the job
  • Covering all the required health and safety knowledge for site supervisor roles
  • Implementation of knowledge resulting in reduction of accidents onsite
  • Improvements in safety that boosts morale and helps retain employees for longer
  • Reduction in the loss of man hours from work related health issues or accidents
  • Saving millions by avoiding legal battles and injury claims
  • Great value for money as SSSTS certificates last 5 years

To book your 2016 SSSTS London course and gain the benefits for your business, visit our SSSTS London page where you will discover a money back guarantee if you find a more convenient location or timescale.

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