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What to Expect for NEBOSH General Certificate Courses

NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses with RISK Training

At RISK we answer popular questions raised by interested delegates, such as ‘what should I expect from a NEBOSH General Certificate London course’ and ‘how will it support my job role?’

How can you benefit from attending our NEBOSH General Certificate London Course?

There now exists a culture change with employers realising the importance of staff gaining a NEBOSH General Certificate even if their primary role isn’t in health and safety.

This means that you don’t need to be (or aiming to be) a Health and Safety Specialist. If you are in a management or advisory role and part of that role includes health and safety, then attending our NEBOSH General Certificate London course is ideal for you.

Absolutely no previous knowledge of the subject is required and by the end of the course you will be completely confident in tackling the weighty responsibilities of health and safety in your role as you:

  • Are able to apply safe systems of work for yourself and colleagues
  • Identify where there are hazards and risks before anything serious happens and implement solutions to combat them
  • Ensure the operations of your organisation are legally compliant
  • Gain an industry recognised qualification for your CV and improve chances of promotion and increased employability

What to expect in your NEBOSH General Certificate London Course?

Your NEBOSH General Certificate London course consists of 3 modules. Using RISK’s unique Fast Track training, you can completely submerse yourself in training for the first 2 modules, set over 5 days and ending with an 11 question exam at the end of each week. This allows you to complete the course rapidly and with a high success rate. The first two modules cover the ‘Management of Health and Safety’ as well as ‘Controlling Workplace Hazards’.

The third and final module requires completing a report for the practical application part of the exam.

Using RISK Training’s approach which involves incorporating your workplace environment into the learning and with support from a dedicated learning advisor, you can be sure to gain your NEBOSH General Certificate in no time.

RISK’s NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses are carried out at the convenient location of London St. Pancras and you can view upcoming dates for the course on the NEBOSH General Certificate London Course page.  Venues across the UK are available for this course and can be found at Risk Health and Safety along with a range of other health and safety courses.