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Boosting your Career Development after your SSSTS

Finished your SSSTS London Course; What Next?

After achieving your CITB Site Safety Plus certificate following your training at RISKS’s SSSTS London based course, you may want to consider what’s next in your career development?

Career development following SSSTS London Courses

Following your SSSTS London course and certificate, you may wish to move into a role that allows you to manage a complete construction workforce, rather than just support them through a supervisory role. To do this you can pursue a SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) certificate.

RISK’s London based SMSTS courses provide a 5 year certificate which many UK construction companies view as a standard entry level for management roles; helping you advance within the construction industry.

If you enjoyed implementing the knowledge you’ve learnt through training and wish to pursue Health and Safety as a full time role, then the essential minimum qualification to gain this role following your SSSTS training would be a NEBOSH Qualification.

A NEBOSH qualification is an ideal way to move into the health and safety industry as a consultant or specialist.

Transferable Skills using RISK Health and Safety Training


There’s no denying that having health and safety qualifications, especially in the construction industry, is a valuable and sought-after commodity. These health and safety skills improve your capabilities as a manager and associated transferable skills provide an advantage when pursuing promotions or advancements in your career.

So why not set your SSSTS London training as your springboard to further qualifications such as SMSTS and NEBOSH. Both these qualifications will provide you with the essential skills required for senior positions and increased earnings.

If you are yet to attend one of our local SSSTS London training courses, why not visit our SSSTS London course page for forthcoming dates.

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