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Where can you find the Best Health and Safety Management Roles?

Stand Out with NEBOSH London courses

Research shows that the highest top end salary and the best opportunities for health and safety professionals are found in London construction and civil engineering sectors. With our highly recommended NEBOSH London training courses, you could stand a good chance of attaining better job prospects in 2016.

Best Opportunities for your Health and Safety Career

Research conducted by NEBOSH shows that the majority of Health and Safety management roles were for jobs within the construction and civil engineering sector, with the best paying roles based in London and surrounding South East region.

One the most interesting discoveries from the research showed that jobs stipulating a need for a NEBOSH qualification offered a better job role opportunity with a higher end salary, with earnings of around £50,000 per year and those that did not require a NEBOSH qualification had lower salaries.

This shows that those who attend NEBOSH training courses such as the NEBOSH London based training offered by RISK Health and Safety are more sought after by employers. In fact employers are willing to offer higher salaries in order to secure individuals who hold valuable NEBOSH skills and knowledge; recognising the value of the investment made in health and safety knowledge and professional development.

If the thought of attaining better job prospects in your health and safety career appeal to you, especially in the London based construction sector, then don’t miss out on our fast-track NEBOSH London based courses, with guaranteed pass-schemes available.

Simply visit our NEBOSH London course page for a range of NEBOSH qualifications, including NEBOSH London Construction certificates, or for other health and safety courses visit Risk Health and Safety.