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Deciding between NEBOSH or IOSH Certificates

IOSH or NEBOSH London Training: Which is Right for You?

It’s important to find the course that meets the needs of your role regarding health and safety responsibilities; so should you attend your local IOSH or NEBOSH London training course? We’re here to help you make the right decision.

NEBOSH Certificates – A Great Foundation for Health and Safety Careers

NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) has established their general and sector specific certificates as widely respected and globally recognised qualifications. With in-depth training, NEBOSH certificates equip individuals with the knowledge to expertly understand and implement;

  • legal elements of Health and Safety policies
  • methods of controlling hazards and risks in their workplace
  • safe systems of work and reporting
  • identification of risks as well as management solutions
  • the process of reporting and investigating accidents


With comprehensive training from RISK’s NEBOSH London based courses, no previous knowledge is required and the fast track learning schedule with RISK Training allows for 3 module exams to be taken straight after 5 days of learning for the first 2 modules (10 days of training inclusive).

As a more intensive course, the NEBOSH certificate is accepted by IOSH in meeting the requirements of a Tech IOSH Membership and NEBOSH accredited qualifications are often stipulated as requirements by new employers.

Compare costs for competitive NEBOSH London courses here.

IOSH Awards – Best for the Basics

The IOSH equivalent, ‘Managing Safely’ award is particularly helpful if your role is within a low risk industry. Also providing a well rounded introduction into health and safety, the IOSH London training meets the guidelines for introductory health and safety training that ensures employees receive understanding in:

  • fundamentals of industry recognised health and safety management processes
  • basic principles to health and safety measures, as part of an organisational strategy
  • quantitative risk assessment processes
  • health and safety review of their own departmental systems
  • terms such as ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’
  •  basic risk assessments and method statements
  • the causes of incidents and accidents causing injury


Many Line Managers and staff responsible for workplace safety find this 4 day training useful in obtaining a basic understanding for their low risk working environments with a price to suit many health and safety training budgets.

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So whether you prefer the highly respected NEBOSH certificate that provides a valuable in-depth view of health and safety for higher risk industries, or the basic but useful IOSH award that allows you to meet health and safety responsibilities in a lower risk industry, you can be sure that RISK Training has the dates and times to suit your schedule.

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