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SMSTS London Training Courses Promote Safety Culture

Can Workplace Injuries Be Preventable with SMSTS London Training?

Is it right to assume that workplace accidents can definitely be preventable?  Within the setting of an SMSTS London training course it is useful to assume that that is the case when learning how precautions can be taken to prevent accidents.      

Good workplace safety is a culture not just a qualification.  The combined commitment of every person in an organisation is needed in order to maintain an effective safety culture. 

Guaranteed Pass with SMSTS London Training

The SMSTS London Course delivered by RISK is part of the CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme.  It covers all of the current legislation needs for safe working practices in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. 

Over five days, in a convenient location in London SMSTS will deliver an engaging course to your Site Managers, Foremen and Supervisors.  The syllabus includes exercises and real-life case studies and culminates with a multiple choice assessment paper. 

After passing the assessment a CITB SMSTS London Certificate will be awarded which is valid for five years.

Any participants that do not pass the assessment will be able to obtain any further training required by RISK in order to pass the SMSTS London Course; and there will be no further costs incurred for this. 

Make Your Whole Workplace Safe

Awareness of safety does not always come naturally.  An effective training program that both teaches and motivates employees to work safely will have a beneficial impact on the whole business.

To discover more benefits associated with SMSTS training or to book on to one of our weekly, conveniently located SMSTS London courses simply visit our SMSTS London course page. For all other health and safety courses visit Risk Health and Safety today.