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Pros and Cons of NEBOSH

Having delivered NEBOSH courses for a couple of decades, we thought we would share what we feel are the pros and cons of the NEBOSH qualification. So if you are thinking about which path to take for your career, personal development or both – hopefully youll find this post useful.

NEBOSH Pros  #1 - Career Progression

First thing you need to know, NEBOSH is THE Professional Qualification for Health & Safety. So if you are interested in a career in health and safety, NEBOSH is probably the most respected and sought after qualifications for employers in the health and safety sector.

NEBOSH Pros #2 - Increased Financial Rewards

The NEBOSH Diploma can lead to a 16% salary boost, according to the NEBOSH Jobs Barometer. For example, positions requiring a candidate to be NEBOSH qualified have an average salary of around £49,000, whilst similar health and safety roles that don’t specify a diploma pay in the region of £42,000.

NEBOSH Pros #3 - NEBOSH is recognised by a number of professional membership bodies

These are:

  • The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)
  • The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

Whether you want to become a Health and Safety Advisor, a Construction Site Manager, a Fire Risk Assessor, or anything else, NEBOSH will help get your foot in the door. However…

NEBOSH Cons #1 - You need to study hard

NEBOSH qualifications are no walk in the park. Many underestimate the amount of time they take to complete, as each qualification requires a number of self-study hours in addition to the time you spend in the classroom. This can mean sacrificing time in the evening and weekends to study for your exams.

NEBOSH Cons #2 - The cost of a NEBOSH qualification

NEBOSH qualifications are at the top end of the health and safety training courses scale.  The danger is you think all course providers operate the same way, but they don’t so choose carefully and make sure you get the course materials within the course fees. Ask about their pass rates and if they have a guaranteed pass scheme. Saving a few pounds on the course costs could potentially limit your chances of passing if you choose the wrong provider.

NEBOSH Cons #3 - The NEBOSH Exam

You will be required to take a number of written exams and a practical assignment. In a world where typing and texting has replaced handwriting, the simple act of writing for a long period of time can be a challenge alone. RISK have developed a unique ‘NEBOSH Fast Track’ programme, it splits the course into x3 modules and the two exams are sat at the end of each module. This has provided RISK with above average pass rates since 2015.

Having said all of this, I asked my 15 year old daughter Isla to sit in on a course, do the studying and take the exam. No,  Isla didn’t get any extra tutoring - so it’s about having the focus and mindset right. Most people start the courses without any preparation, even though we provide course notes and strongly advise it before your course starts.